08 September 2015

Dirty Loops Tour Blog #2

We’re on the train between Daegu and Seoul in South Korea. Yesterday’s gig got postponed until the 10th due to health concerns in Maroon 5. In the absence of a gig I got to visit the local beergarden. It was me, the sound engineer, and the productions manager bringing a Swedish Friday night on a Korean Sunday.

Got up in time to have breakfast with Jonah. Watching him eat the weirdest sandwich ever. Ham, mustard, butter and strawberry jam… Mums filibabba!!

Aron (aka no2) also got to witness me beating my own record in Ninja up on the train. Dude’s really need to step up his game…

Before that we had two great nights in Japan and Hong Kong. We also got to travel a green Hello Kitty plane, playing Christmas carols, between the cities. Other than that we’ve been good boys, spending our airport and hotel room time working on the new album. That bastard’s gonna be a great one!!!